BHP Billiton's office in Moscow.

Unknown offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Training center in the Moscow office of ABB.

Home Theater in a VIP aircraft.

Duplex apartment

Apartments in the new house


Reducing the cost of lighting

up to 30% in private homes and to 60% in the office premises. Offices for lower operating costs.

  • brightness
    Reduce the brightness of the lamps reduces electricity consumption
  • Durability
    Increases lamp life due to soft start
  • Sensors
    Used light and presence sensors
  • Handling
    The analysis of the use of electricity
Each bought an electronic device has its own remote control and its description. In the case of ergonomic home all the control is a single control from one mobile application with an intuitive menu.
System audio / video multiroom allows grouping almost all the equipment in the same rack, hidden in the technical area. As a result, dramatically reduced the number of wires and visible equipment.
Intercom system allows you to have audio and / or video intercom system with a portable or stationary panels, respectively, with a man rang the doorbell can communicate without leaving the couch.
Using electronic locks allows to regulate access to the house by unauthorized persons.