The company's office in Moscow Wella

Task definition:

Re-equipment of Wella company office in Moscow. Control system modernization and content demonstration.

Technical characteristics:
  • Lighting control;
  • Shading control (curtains);
  • AV presentation system;
  • • Present system modernization.
Object characteristics:

- rooms for demonstrations and training lectures;

- reception;

- multifunctional show-room with a podium for presentations.


There is a certain set of projects detached by their problem definition. It concerns objects with already installed equipment or system modernization, when the client can’t or not willing to address it to original installer. In this case, before launching into designing, a careful examination is required to calculate present equipment working capacity, expediency of using specific devices in renovated system, or probability of long time operating devices malfunction. And when we are building the system from the ground-up, potentialities of its modernization, updating and adaptation to new signals and transmitting formats are already considerated. Sometimes it’s hard to guess what exactly this unknown designer had in mind, choosing this or that model for installation. That’s why we approach such projects cautiously and with close attention.

Wella’s office turned out to be exactly one of this kind of projects. On the other hand, by this example we can distinctly show advantages of properly designed and installed control system for to clients. Basically, all essential functions were already implemented. In what way… In the first photos control system before renovation is captured. You can estimate yourself if not quality of work, than devices usability. Lighting control, screens and curtains control were operated with the switchers placed on a wall in alignment near the equipment rack. To control the lighting or volume you had to stand in quite uncomfortable posture near it.

As a result of modernization almost all equipment, including power amplifiers, was kept on its place (later wall loudspeakers were replaced because, as it turned out, they’d served out and burned down). Main alterations were made in commutation and control systems. The base of the system became DMPS-300-C (Digital Media presentation processor) combining functions of AV commutator and control processor. In addition for microphone mixing we’ve included Extron DMP 64 audio processor. As a controllers there’ve appeared one Crestron button bar for lighting scenarios, Crestron TSW-750 touchpad, and, of course, IPad, seems like installations cannot do without it anymore. Total control of room lighting, including brightness, was fulfilled on IPad, as well as on a separated screen, along with audio control mixer. Later one more IPad was added to the system, so now two persons can simultaneously and promptly control it from comfortable position (say, one is responsible for lighting, another – for sound).

Results you can see in attached photos.P.S.: Our engineers confessed that now the hardest part is system maintenance during preparation for another show. Very distracting, you know. But it’s sublime thoughts here.

  Кнопочная панель управления сценариями освещения Crestron
Аудио процессор Extron для микширования
Презентационная система Digital Media DMPS-300-C

Управление световыми сценариями

Мультимедийный проектор для показа презентаций

Мультимедийный экран

Installed equipment:

  • Control system – Crestron;
  • Lighting - Crestron;
  • Commutation – Extron.