Company History

  Fox Audio history had begun in 1997, and mostly accidentally.

  By that time we’ve had quite successful experience in Hi-Fi/Hi-End equipment selling in “Norma” store, that existed in 90s. Professionals and a lot of amateurs, I’m sure, still remember it. Our store, probably, had one of the first listening rooms with acoustic treatment. Very simple for nowadays, but exceptionally useful. Many nice loudspeakers and components were sold there.

  Life turned out to new business start for us. New not only for us, but for Russia as a whole. Although, we weren’t the first ones. It was Mr. Abramenko with his A.P.Technology who began real installation business a few years earlier.

  However, we have something to boast of too. “Fox Audio” company is the oldest (since 1998) active CEDIA member in Russia. CEDIA - Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association - connects professional installers worldwide. Several times we've sent our projects to  CEDIA award competitions to the USA. The first time we did it in 1999, it was the first installation project from Russia. It’s hard to win on "foreign’s turf", but I hope, we have a lot of time before us.

  The main field of our activity – “smart home” and “smart office” systems design, installation and programming, this means connecting all systems into one integrated complex with simple and intuitive control.

  Over the last 15 years we’ve finished almost a hundred big projects. We're working with several transnational companies to supply all AV equipment for their offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and so on. Apart from offices, apartments and houses, our portfolio includes unusual projects. Several VIP aircrafts and a government river ship “Russia”. We have professional staff of programmers, engineers and system designers. But the most important point is another one.

  One of my friends imports cognac from France to Russia, and buys it in small vineyard, where the finest cognac is aging for 60 years. And every time the owner fills casks, he knows that will never taste the final result, but his grandson will, just as he does while
selling his grandfather production. And he just cannot fake it.

  It’s unacceptable in our business to make a defect, leave any task incomplete or any problem unresolved. If work is done by 99% it is not done at all. It's like to assemble a cool car, but leave it
without a wheel. No matter how much this car costs, it will not ride. Yes, we can make mistakes, and sometimes things are not as we would like them to be, but we always do our best. Our first systems are functioning more than 15 years practically without malfunctions. We keep our first clients’ servicing and will do it further. During the whole time we’d canceled customer relations with a single one client on our own initiative, it so happened.

  So, our company’s distinctive features are professionalism, high quality of work and terms compliance.