Audio / Video multiroom

So, what is a Multiroom AV system? What advantages it gives to our clients?

Multiroom – as a part of a smart house – is an elegant way to solve a problem of video and/or audio signal transmission in a house or apartment. By and large, there are three main benefits:

  1. Such a system allows  radically relieve an interior, moving almost all the equipment to the server room and exposing only TV set, loudspeakers (usually imperceptible built-in into the ceiling or furniture) and a controller – IPhone, for example. That’s it. Now every family member can use any device independently at the same time.

  2. As time goes by every family collects a large quantity of photo, video and audio material – pictures from trips, home video, favorite movies, music and so on. With Multiroom system you can classify it and store on one server. Modern hardware allows to transmit HD, 4K, 3D video signals to every spot in the house or apartment.

  3. Multiroom systems can be easily integrated with security systems and intercom. As a result, you are able to display CCTV or intercom footage on every available monitor, send voice messages or make announcements – for example, an invitation to dinner.

As an extra bonus there is opportunity to combine few zones into one with the same music during parties. Moreover, a guest with his music collection on IPhone, could connect it to Multiroom and turn it into another listening source for the system.

A Multiroom installation can be proceeded in different scenarios. Usually, during the repairing stage, conformable wires are put into walls, by the way common and inexpensive CAT5 and CAT6 cables can be used. Therefore we often put in maximally full set of cables, so client could easily extend and develop the system further whenever he likes. Even if the rebuilding has been finished, there is a way to use a high quality
wireless system (Sonos or Control4).