Lighting Control

  • Have it happened that you came home in the evening and found lights left on in the bedroom or in the kitchen, or you had to come downstairs just to turn off the light in the corridor?

  • How often have you wished after a long day at work to plunge into mild and calming twilight, although yesterday it was so nice to spend an evening with family in brightly lit living room?

  • Didn’t you want to close your eyes tight when you turn on the light in the kitchen at night to have a drink of juice?

It would seem to be just little things you can bear with, but what for? Why not to live with more comfort, when your environment, illumination in this case, is in harmony with your inner life?

Light control systems’ history tracks back to the end of 1950s, when a young physicist in New-York, Joel Spira have decided to design a device for smooth light intensity change. Consequently, in 1961 Lutron company was founded. It’s been more than 50 years, The Lutron now leads the market of lighting control systems for both business and private segments.

And other system integration companies, such as Crestron, Savant and others, keep pace with Lutron.

What this system gives to its owner?

  1. First and most important – is essential life quality improvement:

    Ability to turn on/off the light with just one touch wherever you are, remotely and on the schedule, or depending on the exterior illumination. Ability to customize the illumination, create your own atmosphere in the house, or write lighting scripts for special occasions, Birthday celebration for instance.

  2. Economy:

    At first it doesn’t seem so, lighting control system is quite expensive. But take into consideration that where supposed to be a set of also high-priced switches, will appear just one panel. Lamps are in use much longer, so you’ll have to change them more rarely. All this, together with saving of electricity by dimming, admits compensation for light control system installation within few years.

  3. Reliability:

    All producers know that illumination is essential for their clients and their light control systems have to be exceptionally reliable. In our more than 15 years experience, we’ve never had any significant failures in light control system functioning.