Home Cinema

Designing and installation of home cinema systems:

  • equipment selection;

  • assembling, programming and calibration;

  • acoustic estimation of the premises, acoustical processing.

What could be easier? Who doesn’t know what a “home cinema” is nowadays? However, this term is used for many different systems from one box to considerable individually designed cinemas, which differ from commercial cinema houses only by number of viewers and better quality of sound and image generally.

Really, did you ever thought what commercial cinema is?

The keyword, of course, is commercial, aiming at money earning. It is necessary to impress, to excite, to get to cinema hall as much viewers as possible. And here the problems begin. It’s impossible to provide equal sound and image quality for large cinema hall. So the best seats are in the center of the hall, if the system is calibrated properly. In our country it doesn’t get proper attention sometimes.

It’s different with residential theatres. Quite the contrary, here quality is the corner-stone. And it’s quality not only of the sound and image, but of individual comfort of the client, his family and guests. Every detail is important. Room interior, including its color, wall surface, acoustics, furniture, ventilation, illumination, power supply and other factors, client doesn’t even know about, are affecting his emotional involvement and pleasure in viewing. That’s why residential theatre design is performed by specialized companies. And some of them, such as TK Theaters – Theo Kalomirakis company – are famous enough to be required in other countries. We too have companies performing high quality work in this industry, though.

Certainly, it is quite expensive service. People who attained a certain level, and who appreciate this level, can afford it. In this case, apart from quality, they get other undoubted benefits: watching whatever they want anytime, with friends or alone, no uncomfortable seats, waiting in line, late viewers, popcorn… There will be popcorn, if they want, though.

And, of course, every good home cinema is unique, it’s created personally for you. It’s like a car assembled by hand, which you can be proud of and show it to your friends. Its a living standards attribute too.