A new method of work

Task definition:

To equip Moscow office with AV presentation and video conferencing systems.

Technical characteristics:
  • Two joinable rooms for presentations and negotiations;
  • Two small negotiation rooms.

Completion of works: 2009.

This project is another example of our collaboration with a UK company. Only in this case they’ve decided not to show on the object at all. They’d sent the project adapted to our conditions and directed it from London.

Technically this project wasn’t complex. But all equipment racks were demanded to be assembled in our office and delivered ready to shorten the time of stay on the object. In our practice this happened for the first time, but we’ve learned to get benefit from every unusual situation a long time ago. As soon as there were two racks, we’d split up into two teams and hold a contest which team will collect it faster and better (results you can see on the photos).

It must be said, that the working process was organized on the highest level. We’d designed a special cabinet with ventilation and cable entries for the equipment. After equipment installation we’d taken temperatures measurement at different spots in the operating mode, therefore we had to install additional forced ventilation in one of the compartments.

Another project feature should be mentioned. For the first time in our practice fully bilingual touchpad interface and bilingual directions for use were requested. Second special trait of the project is capacity for moving monitors from small negotiation rooms to the main room during a big presentation or a meeting. Here were prepared special access doors for connection. Video picture was simply duplicated from the main monitors, so viewers in the second part of the room could watch it comfortably.

Стойки с оборудованием
Installed equipment:
  • Control system – Crestron;
  • Lighting – Crestron;
  • Commutation – Extron;
  • Tandberg (ISDN) video conferencing.