Technical characteristics:
  • apartment with 198 sq m living space in a new building;
  • lighting control based on Lutron Grafik eye;
  • AV multiroom Elan – 5 zones;
  • home theatre – Bowers & Wilkins, EAD;
  • air-conditioning system control Carrier;
  • centralized Crestron control system.

This object is a vivid example of all participants’ effective cooperation. The client knew well what he wanted in result, so installers and the architect had clear and accurate tasks. In the same time he was quite heedful of professional recommendations. For instance, when the air-conditioning system was discussed, we’d suggested using Carrier equipment back then unknown in Russia. Apart from its high quality and reliability, it was easily integrated with Crestron control system. Therefore the client had saved working and programming time.

All classic components of smart home were realized in this project. Lighting control was based on the Lutron – Grafik eye equipment. I suppose, there was no better solution for this moderate apartment with a reasonable amount of lighting groups. Modest multiroom with few areas from ELAN company, home cinema. It must be said that we’ve tried to perform hidden installation as much as possible – ceiling cutting-in acoustics, built-in subwoofers, etc. Only for home theatre in the living room B&W cabinet loudspeakers were installed, which not only had excellent sound, but also blended well with the interior. With the permission of the client we’ve carried out a small experiment and with our own hands created the audio server based on common PC, but customized for this particular client.

It turned out to be an efficient model, which operated well for many years. However, granting the time spent on development, it was not too paying idea and further we’ve returned to ready-made servers, but now with successful experience.

One of interesting traits of this project is the integration with outdoor CCTV. Surveillance cameras were installed in the corridor, elevator lobby and parking; footage can be displayed on any TV and Crestron control panel near the front door, which also operated from this panel. Paging and incoming calls handling was implemented as well – sound of a call is transferred to ceiling speakers, currently playing audio source in the area will be paused and resumed after call has been picked up.

On the whole, it became quite interesting and balanced project, no excesses, but everything for comfortable living.

Плазменная панель Fujitsu
Встраиваемая rack стойка
Серверный шкаф
Встроенные в потолок колонки Sonance
Система кондиционирования Carrier Comfort Zone
Кнопочная панель управления многокомнатной системой аудио видео мультирум
Сенсорная панель управления ISYS
Сабвуфер TRIAD встроенный в стену
Для управления Lutron Grafik Eye используется интерфейс Crestron ST-LT