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Task definition:

To equip with AV presentation systems ABB company’s Moscow office training centre.

Training centre characteristics:
  • 3 small rooms for meetings and presentations for a few people;
  • 3 rooms for specialization training courses;
  • 2 big rooms for group study, meetings and presentations which can be joined with a sliding partition.

Completion of works: 2007.

This system turned out almost perfect in the cost/quality ratio. All functions for maximally comfortable training process for both presenter and audition were fulfilled. Maybe just two more things could be added for harmony – portable controller and rooms’ configuration auto detection.

In the main training centre were installed three projector-screen systems: two systems with 100” (254 cm) displays for every room separately and one system with 120” (204 cm) display for the joined area. All inoperative equipment was put in the ceiling, displays equipped with electric drive, and projectors installed on special elevators. In addition, lighting and curtains control function was realized, so the presenter could set up corresponding to the training lighting conditions anytime.

All the equipment control is operated from two touch screens at the each room entrances. If presenter prefers joined rooms, he can use one of these panels; in this case the useful signal automatically redirected to the main projector. For comfortable volume and speech intelligibility a portable microphone with ceiling acoustic system can be activated.

All commutation and control equipment is kept in the special rack hidden in one of the rooms’ niche.

In smaller rooms computer–monitor systems (42” NEC displays) were installed, which allow to demonstrate content with PC in any convenient format. Thus, the monitor starts automatically when the signal is received. For convenience, all commutation is operated through special Extron access doors, incut directly into table.

In conclusion we would like to note that a lot of our clients in business segment think much about company’s name mentioning in other recourses. And we respect this approach. All the more it’s pleasant that ABB company gave us a permission to mention it’s name in the project description, moreover insisted on it. Our special thanks for this.

Дистанционное управление шторами
Рулонные шторы с электроприводом
Централизованная система управления шторами
Система управления освещением

Система управления презентационным оборудованием
Потолочный лифт-кронштейн для проектора

Крепление оборудования в стойке с аппаратурой
Installed equipment:
  • Сontrol system – Crestron;
  • EIBus lighting + gateway to the Crestron system;
  • Commutation – Extron;
  • JBL build-in audio.