September SIM2 visit (Pordenone, Italy).


   Small company SIM2 always choses innovative solutions and one of the first started to develop and use new technologies in its products.  Not once, in its history (it begins in 1995) SIM2 was The first, as from the first to manufacture projectors specially for home theatre.

   As always, this visit surprised us with lots of “the first”.

   Demonstration included 3 products:

  1. First in history “LASER TV” SIM2  xTV, built on hybrid laser/DLD technology. 

  2. First on the world two projectors system with HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) technology, that was created by SIM2 almost seven years ago, but has been used only in TV panels with 42’ inches max.

  3. First 4К DLP projector with new UHD microchip by TI.

         Let’s start from the beginning.

   xTV,  in my opinion , was the most interesting novelty. The manufacturer – SIM2 – positions it as a competitor to TV panels over 85’ inches. And, in this segment, xTV definitely has a lot of undeniable advantages.
   First of all – design, precisely – Italian design. Italians like no one else are able to transform even most casual things into art. Quite compact case is inlaid with black or white crystal glass – it can be a room decoration just like other interior details. Designers will love it.
   Besides, for those who don’t tolerate technical equipment in their interior in any way, there is stipulated built-in model – only glass on the surface. The device is literally melts into space.

image quality. No screen needed, image can be projected directly on the wall (not very bright colored, of course). At the same time image doesn’t lose its high quality. With special screen it becomes even brighter and matchless. Sure, flare is not good for image, but direct sunlight on screen isn’t good for TV panels either.

  Finally, third (The last, but not the least) – price. As of today, it is significantly lower than price for 98’ panels and over.
  As a bonus, xTV is mobile (built-in version). It can be easily moved in other room, bedroom for example, and even outside – to project image on house’s wall. The weight, comparing to TV panel, is not that heavy - 13,5 kg.

   Other novelty is demonstration of technical ideas progress. As mentioned before, HDR technology was created seven years ago as a method of increasing image’s dynamic range. The thing is human eyes able to perceive much more gradations of luminosity than any screen or projector can reproduce. So, by widening luminosity range, we are getting closer to more realistic and natural image. For the purposes of LCD panels, this effect could be achieved by controlling LED brightness. SIM2 was the first who learned to control each diode separately. For many years, this technology has been demanded for spheres where most natural image is necessity, simulators for example. However, calculations capacity had to be very high, so there were no HDR panels over 42’ inch diagonal.

   Technically, it wasn’t possible to implement HDR with only one projector. So when SIM2 decided to create projection system with high dynamic range, they had to use two projectors with different configurations and bring two images in one (projection for light range of image and for dark). Only
in this way, the right effect was achieved.

result is stunning. On screen bright sun is shining, dazzling fireworks are flashing, in the same time black suits of party participants don’t turn into black blots and details in the shadow are recognizable.

    Great product, only price is upsetting. But that’s the cost of the uniqueness. Plus you get the comprehension that a few have this system, moreover a special group of Italian specialists will install and customize the system for customer individually.

    Finally, last product in developing of which our dealers were involved. At least, Massimo Zecchin, SIM2 International Sales Director says so. It is obvious, that 4
К projectors has been on a market quite long time and manufactured by various companies. But it is either professional equipment for commercial theatres with corresponding weight, dimensions and large 4K microchip or domestic devices without 4K, where higher resolution created with replacement of missing pixels.  Only Sony manufactures 4К projectors based on it’s own microchip, it is a LCD technology with all following effects.

    SIM2 takes such things very serious; they had started designing new 4
К projector only after release of suitable UHD microchip by TI (Texas Instruments).

    Constant pressure by our dealers forced Italians to release new projector in record time, almost six months earlier than planned.

    First UHD projector based on DMD microchip was demonstrated to us just before CEDIA 2016 opening in Dallas, where it departed.

    What can I say, as always SIM2 approached the task fundamentally. Just
built 4K projector is not enough. 4K advantages are noticeable only on large screens with diagonal over 110 inches – 2.5 meters). But most of 4К projectors are not bright enough for such screens. Sony projectors have approximately 1500 – 1800 ANSI lumens. Further in line of models we have only professional projectors over 100 000 dollars.

    What’s the uniqueness of new SIM2 projector? The company was able to create a 4
К projector with increased brightness – 4000 ANSI lumens, what is twice higher than main competitor’s projectors are capable for. In the same time keeping price reasonable.

   And the image is undoubtedly excellent.