With more than 40 years in business and 57 offices worldwide Crestron is the leading provider of control and automation systems for homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and so on. In system integration business no matter what challenge do you have you always could rely upon Crestron equipment. Well-designed, flexible, reliable - this is all about Crestron. It provides package solutions, including lighting control in commercial and residential markets. On the edge of new technologies Crestron have launched the first 4K end-to-end certified solution to distribute 4K video through all over the house or office.

Crestron’ thoughtful integration solutions allow to control audio, video, lights, computer network and life support systems of such objects as conference rooms, classrooms, training rooms, auditoriums, as well as residential ones.

I can only add that in 18 years of collaboration we’ve had opportunity to learn at first hand high quality and reliability of purchased equipment, and Digital Media matrix, Crestron’s pride, is one of the main components of systems we install.