Control4 – is quite interesting company in the system integration market. If Crestron and AMX – are acknowledged leaders in the industry and have a long history of developing along with the market, Control4 was founded recently by professionals, who have left AMX several years before. They had obligation not to enter the market with competing products for 3 years. And they’ve spent this time with profit, working out the Control4 idea.

Control4’ founders have decided diversely from Crestron for instance, to stake on open cooperation with companies able to widen their product line, instead of releasing everything own-branded. Besides, they’ve chosen ZigBee wireless mesh networking protocol and On Screen Menu as a backbone of their automation philosophy. As a result, system programming expenses were cut down, and now any competent engineer can launch Control4 system in short time, this is noticeable competitive advantage for Control4.

And slowly but surely Control4 is working up a market from recognized brands. I think, they’ve chosen the right way.