New music transmission MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology from the Meridian Audio company

On 4 December 2014 in London Bob Stuart, one of the Meridian Audio company founders, presented new music transmission technology, that will change our music listening vision: MQA – Master Quality Authentication. It's one of those cases when not a gradual modernization and transmission method or replicate algorithm enhancement happen, but the whole process approach changes. Not to try to shove more data in the same size, but to assume what people really hear and how they hear. Basing on psychoacoustics data, new algorithm designers in fact sorted out all information, considering its importance for human ear perception and casting out all redundant sounds which human cannot hear anyway.

According to developers’ statement, MQA precisely transmits all the subtle nuances of music track on master tape to the listener. In the same time file turns out to be more compact comparing to standard for high-resolution music transmission, what makes it easier to download or broadcast in the net. At the same time, if the receiver is not equipped with MQA decoder, music will be played anyway but with ordinary CD quality.

Despite the fact that the format presented just now, it got positive responses from musical specialists, participating in test auditions within a year. For example, at once with presentation on The Absolute Sound website Robert Harley’ article was published how he was impressed by the sound quality during the CES 2014.

MQA will be available in the beginning of 2015. We look forward...