Partnership with Mobotix AG

What is so special about these cameras?

Well, first of all, it’s high-resolution capability. 5 Megapixel sensor allows to create an image with 2592х1944 pixels resolution, which later compressed to HD format. This permits essentially improve quality of the image and light sensitivity. Moreover, image processing inside the camera unloads the network greatly. New functions generally become available simply because of firmware change. Like this, for example, cameras lately learned to not only determine object’s direction, but also ignore negligible movements like heavy snow or tree branches waggling.

Cameras have IP65 protection and no movable elements (digital PTZ), so you can use it при at the temperature from -30 to +60 C without heating requirement. Practically, Mobotix cameras’ lifetime is unlimited.

You can compose two cameras by using two viewfinders in one body, for example, night vision and daylight or wide-angle and long-focus.

All new cameras have stroke sensor, integrated microphone and speaker, what significally extends their functionality.

On the whole, we’ve spent two intense days to get through all the functions. So, this product is very interesting.

In addition, Mobotix cameras can be integrated with Crestron control systems. Surely, we’ve
checked it in the first place.