New B&W Group strategy on Russian market

But life has it's own plans and today announced news undoubtedly are becoming the event of the year for everyone involved in marketing or installing Hi-Fi/Hi End systems in Russia.

Today was announced new promotion strategy for B&W Group equipment, namely for Bowers&Wilkins,Rotel and Classe brands on russian market. Besides everything else, this strategy supposes significant, I would even say radical, reduction of recommended retail price – about 20–35% from January 2015 level, depending on model. And we are talking not about a one-fold Sale, but a different branding model.

Surely, Bowers&Wilkins, Rotel and Classe need no specified introduction. Over the 15 years these brands had been promoted in Russia by AT Trade, they had occupied a well-deserved place on russian market. And it seems, that AT Trade and B&W Group find current economical situation suitable for their market share increase. Would the strategy yield results, we'll get to know in the latter half of the year, but it indoubtedly will please potentional customers.

S. Filimonov, 25 February 2015.